Angry knitting

I’ve slowly been rejoining the world and picking back up all my normal activities. One of which being knitting. Because all things craft related has been slow to non-existent I needed something to give me a boost.

Thus entered test knitting. Test knitting gives me a kick to the caboose like nothing else does for some reason. The deadline, the designers’ expectations, the desire to exceed a preset goal and receive acknowledgement and credit just drives my energy into hyperactivity.


Socks was the test knit of choice. Day one I completed the toe (actual time undocumented).

Day two I made it to the point for the heel and stopped awaiting designer comments. (Hour & a half)


Day three (today) I hope to complete it. We’ll see if reality meets expectation. Mother Dears theory on why I’m knitting so fast is because something irritated me to anger and having had time to stew in it I completed the bulk of the sock.

If this is the result of angry knitting I think I need to be angry more often.


I know the photos are horrible this week I’ll try better next time.

V o n n a


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