I just needed time

For personal reasons I decided to stop the earth’s rotation in my life. It’s just now starting to spin again.

In regards to Kameran’s vest; planning, math, more math, and researching proved the pattern in much need of an errata. It seems the pattern should say it requires DK weight instead of Aran if I’m remembering accurately everyone who actually completed the pattern had to modify it.

Math is not my strong suit, it never has been. Knitting and other fiber related crafts has made me better at it for sure but, I’ve never been a fan. So when it became days of frustration, a whole sheet and a half of numbers and the situation was becoming more frustrating. Some well timed advice from a loved one told me to let it go for a bit.

To focus peacefully on my current project at hand and come back to the vest at a later time. That was upsetting to accept to be honest. My nephew had wanted a vest always. When he outgrew the crocheted monstrosity I made over three years ago he immediately requested another. He’s actually quietly asked for multiplies since he realized I was halfway capable. So, to finally find the perfect pattern that he loved enough to not only approve it but, to stand still in order for me to take his measurements a minimum of three different times…


The point is I owe him. I gave him my word, I even verbally told him I was starting this month so yes, it’s been a tender spot to accept defeat so early on. But you can’t make a yarn and pattern fit an unrealistic gauge. Either you adjust the pattern per gauge or you find another. Another pattern won’t suffice for this, so I’m taking a breather instead.


V o n n a


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