First I wavered so I settled for a side-step

During the Knit Picks cyber sale I did not purchase. I had moments where my finger twitched to do so and I might have developed a slight involuntary spasm above my right eye. But, I resisted.

Then, I had to purchase a few things online non-craft related and decided to check for something and see. In looking I discovered two things I had on my Knit Picks wishlist at a much cheaper price.

So, instead of wavering I side-stepped.

To atone for this?

These swatches (pre-steam blocked) are eventually to become Kameran’s vest.

Did I mention I’m also working on my Viajante?


Half my nieces and nephews came over this weekend so I got to take pictures of Kori in Karmen’s cardigan that she out grew.


Yes this is how much they’ve both grown.


Karmen as a result has officially entered her request for a new cardigan.

And “KD” (nickname) Kori’s twin asked for one. I don’t think his mom will accept a cardigan for him no matter how manly it is so, I told him I’d make him a vest. Either that or a sweater with a shawl collar.


So, much to be done. Also, Out of Gas was well received by the recipient. She cried when she opened it. Can’t get more knit-worthy than that.


V o n n a


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