I don’t want to

Since October and my illness things have been off for me. Blogging has been gleefully pushed aside. I have things to report but honestly have had no desire to do so. But for the sake of you guys who take the time to read my long winded post I thought it best to do so.

First up,

Out of Gas

This shawl was a labor of love. I picked the pattern and yarn sometime in 2013 specific to each other. Most fitting for my recently established yarn purchasing hiatus. I always intended it for myself but, a need of a friend arose and this project fit the criteria I needed filled. As a result she will be the well deserved recipient.

I have yet to make Kameran’s vest because I’m waiting for the pattern book via electronic library download. So while in repose I did something I had been itching to do.


This is my Viajante. Because I have been sitting on the desire of this for so long, I’ve had problems from the beginning. Caking up the Lilac Gloss was without fanfare but when I caked Marina so many tangles occurred to the point I was sick of looking at the yarn. Once that was settled all my notes went out the window. I had tweaked and amended everything over the past few months to the point that the mods I settled on were counterproductive to each other.

I scrapped everything and went back to basics. So far it’s going better. One thing I realized with my emotionally traumatic first Viajante experience (color-wise). I actually prefer multiple colors. Doing just one; everyone does that. Doing two or more makes it unique.

I decided on these colors.


The name of the project being Marina is a homage to Mother Dear and she understands why.

The latest spinning project hasn’t officially received it’s legs yet but…


Has been started.

I’ve been active (slightly) just hiding in the shadows.

V o n n a


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