Starting something new

*edited to fix a whole lot of misspelled words.

The past two years I have shown the most growth in my crafting. Counting an actual two year period in November 2013 I picked up spinning for the first time. Quite similar to how I approached knitting, I dove fast and in a hurry into it.

As a result I learned differences in fiber, what works best when, & my taste in weight, color, and materials all changed.

10 balls of this Picture ©

I’ve discovered about myself I love lace and fingering weight yarns best. Hats, shawls, and cardigans are my dream team items to knit for myself with the occasional toe-up sock to keep me company.

I can be semi-satiated with something on my spindles even if nothing is on my needles. I find fun and enjoyable figuring out a complex pattern OR one that needs reworked to suit me better. But take ages (really, months) to decide on a color scheme. Once decided I’ll change my mind but, having already chosen a color end up stuck with the last chosen. Often leading to me adding complimentary colors which gives the impression I’m color daring when I’m not. (It always works out for the best though).


I say all this to say: starting today I am going on a craft buying hiatus with one and only one exception. I just started sewing, which I’ve always wanted to do. However I’ve always done it poorly. When I exhaust the current fabric I have and depleted any old clothing substitutes to fill in as practice, I’ll hunt for more.


Thankfully, the past two years I’ve managed to acquire beautiful yarns, tools, and fibers. These I’ll use up before I amass beyond what I can bear. I’d much rather clear out my current storehouses of goods then to build more. I acknowledge the challenge but it’ll be fun as well. Additionally, I’ll tackle and complete items I’ve always wanted to try. Ones I’ve delayed because there was always something shinier and new to buy.


I have everything I need in order to do this with utter contentment and joy. When the desire to gift arises I have plenty to cover those as well. I’m not going on a diet (I hate diets). It’s not a lifestyle change. I am merely adapting to the blessings I’ve been given while exercising wisdom in the process. So this Wednesday I did my last yarn purchase for some time. Doesn’t mean I won’t waiver or try to sidestep my commitment but, it does mean I’ll be aware when I try. This post will hold me accountable and help me to reign-it-in.


V o n n a


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