Even I find myself pleased

October 3, 2014 I started taking notes, pictures, and marking milestones on a handspun project page on Ravelry. I never imagined it would take as long as it did but, just as my other spinning projects prior to this one there was a few learning curves along the way.


I did samples.


I did blended fauxlags.


And I finally settled on as thin as possible and non-blended.


I learned certain spindles are best at certain things and fell in love with supported ones.


I had some losses.


In the end though success came with the use of halved cardboard rolls being used as bobbins.

It’s a bit of an extra step to wind singles onto individual even bobbins and then use an extra bobbin to wind two or more strands together in order to ply. But, it’s absolutely paramount to me not losing anymore singles.

As a result…


One became two, two became three, three became four, four became five.


The light & dark bluish-green have been hanked together. The light blue and bluish-purple have been hanked together. And the final color mint green is on its own.

Total in all? 1,700yds of very thin lace weight.
I am surprised at my perseverance and pleased with my hard work.

V o n n a


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