Growth, I hope, is evident

4 years and 4.5 months ago I started on an ambitious self-emposed journey. I decided to teach myself to knit with the hopes of one day being capable of making my own beautiful garments. Often my journey was slow going but, when milestones were reached I blew them out the water. With any true growth, you never really stop but rather, you refine, perfect, reach new heights. One of the things I soon found worth loving when it comes to artistic pursuits is the endeavours. I don’t have to start at the same point as you or even progress onto the same milestones or goals. But often we’ll all retain the ability to do fairly similar things in a variety of ways.

Study of Stripes shawl

I try not to measure my skill set as being ahead or behind, better or not as good as instead; I try to measure by how far I’ve grown. How I approach a setback, a new challenge, how quickly I manage to complete recurring legs of my “race”. Now, if only I can approach life the same way.

Rust & Stone cardigan

I wrote this in August and just couldn’t not share. It was intended for when Emeraude was complete but, these items still apply.

V o n n a


4 thoughts on “Growth, I hope, is evident

  1. There is no race in knitting. It is a craft and an artform, and how long it takes you is how long it takes you. As long as you are learning and getting better – no one should be holding a stopwatch up to your knitting and telling you that it took someone else half the time. After all- would you rush Michaelangelo? It took him FOUR YEARS to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It took him three years to complete the statue of David. Just keep that in mind.


    1. I agree, that is why I felt this post should be published. Often we measure self against others when we should measure self against self and that’s what I strive to consciously do.

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