I’ve slowed down. I’m taking a new medication and the affects has me sluggish a great deal until my system is fully acclimated. So, my productivity has slowed. I’m not worried because my energy level lowering happens from time to time. This too shall pass. As it is although not quite finished with Deep Blue Seas in which I’ve dubbed the colorway Oceans Blue I did take a better picture.


I ran into a number descrepancy with Rust & Stone so had a day to wait on the designer and found my fingers wasn’t to keen on that idea so this happened mere moments before Milja the designer was able to set me straight.


Which lead to this.

Ashton shawlette on Ravelry

It hasn’t been touched since but, again I’ve slowed down. It’ll get done soon it’s relatively simple.

As for Rust & Stone?


I finally measured and picked the best size for myself and guess what?

It fits!

I know I’m just as shocked as you but, then I had a feeling things would go this way. And I’m glad. Milja’s design is so creative and ingenious I recommend anyone looking for a cardigan to knit; make it. It starts a bit fiddly however it is well worth the effort to do.


I chose Ashton by doing something I’d always wanted to try but, didn’t trust. Pick a pattern name out of a jar. I did this knowing if I didn’t pick the one I wanted I’d do the one I wanted anyway. To make it fun though, I picked one and Mother Dear picked one.


I picked Ashton just as I’d hoped and Mother Dear picked Zilver which I told her I am more than willing to cast on next. And the endeavor was fun.


When it came time to put stitches on hold I was too lazy to find a needle so instead used a twist tie. It worked remarkably well.


The spinning project I had dubbed Clean Slate wasn’t working. I’m struggling to spin this merino – silk blend. So I divided the remaining unspun amount into three 30 gram parts which I will dye dark purple, deep green, and fall brown. Each color will be divided into threes also. 10 gram increments to be spun and plied together. It will be epic as soon as I get the vinegar to dye.

That’s the sum total of all my crafting parts for now.

V o n n a


4 thoughts on “Eureka!

  1. Could you please be a little less impressive? Especially since you started out saying that you have become slowed down due to new medication. Good grief, my drugs turn me into a slug on the bad days. It appears that you slowed down is sort of creative wonder woman. :-) You put the pattern names into a jar to pull your next project. Brilliant!! How mush I wished you lived next door so we could combine creative energies.

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    1. Your comment has completely made my year! 😄 I do have to admit this year has been majorly productive for me. Especially in comparison to last year. Believe me the other day was a slug day. I just try to use the spurts of energy to my advantage as best I can. Being neighbors sounds wonderful. It’s always good to surround yourself with other creative & crafty people so you each can feed of one another. I don’t know where exactly this energy has stemmed but, I’ll take it for as long as it last.

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      1. You’re welcome. Just reading your post made me long to start spinning again. Just today I pulled the flyer off and replaced the rear bearing that I broke when I dropped the wheel months ago, so I have no more excuses. Oh, I guess I should put a drive band on it again… :-)

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      2. I go through periods when I don’t pick my spinning up either. The one thing I’ve found most helpful for that is viewing spinners handspun projects on Ravelry and instagram. Gets the creativity driven juices flowing in no time. Sometimes we burn ourselves out or a project is being a pain and we can’t figure our way around it so those breaks are important too. This year I’m trying to make things about me: my knitting & other craft goals, making “gifts” for myself, knitting what I want when I want but, also staying focused. I’ve been determined not to have more than two projects on the go. Each major milestone gets rewarded. I rewarded myself for completing a project by casting on another I’ve been longing to do. I try to resist negative thoughts. “It’s a long-term commitment. My skill set isn’t equipped to do that. Others have finished this much quicker.” And I listen to that nagging inner voice. “It’s too small. You have to fix it or you’ll never use it. This isn’t the best item for you but that other one is. Step outside your color comfort and push the color boundaries of what’s complimentary.” It seems to be paying off well.

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