Almost a year in it’s making and still not complete

These past few days anything in the way of creative have been pushed aside for a long drawn out project. Deep Blue Seas is nearly complete! I started this spinning project last year in October and my only real goal was to try to spin as fine a weight as possible. And although I ideally meant fingering weight, as plying begun I realized I was way below that. I’m calling it lace but, it could almost pass for smaller than that. As it is 4 of the 5 colors are plied, 3 of 5 have the twist set, and only 1 of said 5 is still being spun. I’m hoping to have this done no later than October but, the way that my drive has been going in regards to it, it could very well be before then.

2015-09-20 23.21.38-1
1,064yds of lace weight

I need about 330 more yards to comfortable attempt to make

Bressay Hap Wrap by Sharon Miller
Bressay Hap Wrap by Sharon Miller

Photo © knickerknitter (Anita) on Ravelry

I used her photo because it showed off the pattern the best. Wouldn’t that be interesting to see? That pattern in my handspun.


As for Rust and Stone? It’s progressing but, a bit slower than I’d like. I’m currently waiting on some number confirmations from the designer. I haven’t really devoted the necessary time to it considering I want it complete no later than the end of this year. That only gives me three more months and we all know my tract record of finishing large items in such a short span of time. I get lagging and start putting things down for two months at a time. It’s an awesome design and I think it’ll come out much better than Emeraude did. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be my favorite cardigan.

My yearly knitting yardage has been updated with the completion of Study of Stripes

I am now at 9,109yds. I think I might actually hit over 10,000yds of yarn knit up this year! how cool is that when last year I only knit 1,690yds?


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