Has it really only been six days?

It felt like much longer than that since my last update. So much and yet nothing at all has happened. In short I have some sort of unidentifiable allergy to something undetermined. (I fear it might be wool! But bet it’s probably dust.) Rust and Stone is progressing but, slowly because I’ve picked up an old friend.


I’m not sorry for that. I’m actually enjoying the weird/unique/ingenious way the cardigan is constructed and have a strong feeling as I’ve told Mother Dear that it’ll probably end up being my favorite. As it is right now I carry and swing around my shoulders every chance I get my Study of Stripes shawl.


Cold weather this morning made this and my socks come in handy.


I had trouble figuring out the shawl pin at first. You know how sometimes somethings so simple YOU complicate it? That’s what I was doing.


It’s beautiful and once I use this more regularly I’d love being able to justify buying one or two more in different styles.

Otherwise I’ve been busy with my regular life and that’s actually made crafting more enjoyable. O almost forgot. Look what I did…


I sewed a drawstring bag all by myself! Using tips and tricks from various sources, blogs, craftsy, & Ravelry.  It came out way too tall for a project bag to me but, works great as a carrier for my niddy noddy and pegs for my swift.

Next, I want to try a zippered bag.

I’m republishing because I forgot to add a proper shot of the shawl.



V o n n a


2 thoughts on “Has it really only been six days?

    1. Thank you! I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of shooting with my tablet and phone. Image editing software doesn’t hurt either.

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