Year goals

I didn’t have much set in the way of goals knit wise this year. But the ones I have set I’ve been doing wonderful in achieving. One such goal was knitting more things for myself this year instead of focusing so much on others.

Squash Blossom hat by Irina Anikeeva
Test knit and released today

I also had a goal of knitting 12 items total for the year. I’ve since today finished 14.

Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki

It’s really huge but, I don’t have the proper beauty shots yet. The only benefit of the tempatures being so high is it only took a few hours (less than a days worth) to dry.

Another goal was to complete more knitted yards this year than last year.

Last year I knit 1,690yds; thus far this year I’ve knit 7,636yds. Things have been going swimmingly. Finished yardage does not include the soon to be frogged Emeraude or other things I’ve frogged. Just the items that have been completed.


I am in love with my shawl and could easily make more.

V o n n a


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