Four hours later

When it comes to knitting I’m sure I’m no different from many others. I have a hard time sticking to one project or want to “cast-on all the things” and so have a difficult time picking a new one to start. A few months ago I organized my queue on Ravelry in a few ways. One way was I ordered based off if I owned the pattern already. Then it was based off the level of time commitment required to knit it. And finally how much yarn it required.

I tried to put the quicker knits higher on the list to finish them first. But as often we find with ourselves, the one I wanted to work on didn’t automatically land in those top spots.
Stripe Study Shawl was one of them. I didn’t own it. It required a lot of time commitment, & a lot of yarn for the size I wanted.

But then, it was gifted to me after I won a draw in one of the groups I’m in. I had an idea of the yarn I wanted to use and I had said yarn. And although it still wouldn’t technically be a short-term project it was the one my eye kept gravitating towards.

But first, I had a deadline to cast-on and finish Kyron’s winter cowl.

Handbrake by Kay F. Jones

And I had to give it to him.

Gift recipient approved

And so after four hours of my time today I have this to show for it…

Study of Stripes

Not bad. I think I can get use to monogamous knitting. I tend to get things finished quicker when I reward myself with another project I’m itching to cast-on.

V o n n a


2 thoughts on “Four hours later

    1. Do we really ever? I console myself with the fact it’s done FOR the enjoyment thus, in this one area, I can be as fickle as I want.


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