Plans change

I had prewritten a post last month. It was in hopes of publishing it by the end of this month on the cusp of my completing Emeraude.

I finally got to the collar and lapels. I bound off. And then realized it looked funky.


I begrudgingly accepted I would have to pick apart the bind-off and do it as per pattern which I had neglected to do. But, in starting this endeavor I did two things. First: prior to this realization I tried the cardigan on which I’ve done at various times throughout its growth. It was looking hideously humongous. Others kept saying it was fine and looked nice but when your left arm hole (without the sleeve knitted on) can cover your left breast that doesn’t look good on anyone.

I realize now the knitting can be good, the pattern can be good, but that doesn’t mean it looks good on you. After realizing the bind-off needed reworking I came to my second realization. I’ve willingly albeit not eagerly reworked various aspects of Emeraude because I couldn’t live with one mistake or another I’d made and yet I never seemed willing to tackle the underlying issue; its size.

It’s much too big. I’ve thus decided to do something I never thought myself capable of doing with a project of this magnitude. I’m ripping it out just to start over (perhaps at a later date I haven’t decided yet) with the proper size. To do this I’m going to do what I should have done with the first gauge swatch but neglected to do. I’m going to do the stockinette stitch section but also the lace section then measure, block, & measure again to get a clear indication of how much it will stretch and how.

In the meantime, say hello to Kyron’s winter weather gift I promised last year.


Which will soon look something like a Handbrake by Kay F. Jones

V o n n a


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