This is why you’re suppose to write stuff down

I was talking with Mother Dear today about being 10 rows away from finishing the body of Emeraude. She replied that it shows what I’m capable of to finish a 4X cardigan in less than a months worth of actual knitting time. I expressed how test knitting, changing tensioning methods, and other such things has helped me grow more in the past year then I have all the previous six years worth of knitting. She asked has it truly been that long and so we calculated according to places of residency during my various projects. And guess what? I was wrong. I’ve actually only been knitting 3 or 4 years!

One of my first knitting projects was


First Attempt

Which was February 2012

But before that was my first ever socks and a scarf the month before.

Purple Wonder

So although I always said and thought I had been knitting for 7 years. According to accurate deductions of my life’s time line and memory it’s only been 4 years as of May 2011. (I wrote a article about knitting during that time)* This my dear friends is a good example of why we should write things down.

With this new realization my progress seems a lot less pitiful and sad. In four years time I’ve come from wonky cardigans, too small and wrongly knit socks, relatively uncomplicated patterned scarves to a 4X cardigan, test-knitting patterned socks, and beautifully designed intricate lace shawls. Not bad for a rookie, not bad.

*Titled Knitting Gives Me the Blues
O and a year later I started dyeing, spinning, & knitting my own yarn.

Pretty epic.

V o n n a


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