Sometimes I’m counterproductive

I’ve counted. I’ve been doing that a lot more lately when it comes to seeing how many days in reality it takes me to knit something rather than the duration required to mark it complete. I think I first started doing this after Viajante. Not entirely sure why other than I wanted a better idea of how long it took me to make something if I don’t put it down.

Rose City Rollers

These were started on the 15th. Things haven’t been so great for me so after nearly completing the first sock down to the toe and then finishing the heel on the second I stopped knitting.

I stopped everything.

I have yet to pick back up Emeraude, or Deep Blue Seas which is unfortunate because they both have progressed nicely. If like me you are keeping count. Emeraude has been knit on for a total of 17days and it’s at the second row of the second repeat of the lace section. It really has great potential to finish quickly. It’s just me that’s the reason for the delays.

Deep Blue Seas?



Has 770yds and 3 skeins plied, dried, & hanked. With so much yardage already I have a better understanding of just how much of it I’ve already lost. I think around 300yds.

206yds of lace weight

Did not lose any yardage here.

260yds of lace weight

Lost about 100yds here

304yds of lace weight

Lost about 200+yds here.

All that’s left is the sky like blue


And the green


I don’t know why I do that. But in checking out my progress this year I am way ahead of where I was last year. Last year I only did 1690yds of knitting. This year including the incomplete Emeraude I’ve done 9660yds already. Finished 11 out of my 12 intended projects goal of finished items.

So yes, I’ve slowed down but, I’m so far ahead of last year it doesn’t even matter.

V o n n a


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m counterproductive

    1. Thank you. I think I finally have a handle on how to wind the singles off in order to prep for plying. It’s an extra step but a necessary one due to how thin the singles are.


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