It’s not really done

until a beauty shot emerges.

Morning Dew

I’ve been reading a lot lately. Not that I don’t normally but, I had picked up my reading habit to the point I finished three 300+ page books in a night and a morning. I hadn’t done that one in quite a while. But as one can imagine committing so much free time to this pursuit resulted in other things being left by the way side.

Knitting stopped.


Spinning stopped.


Plying didn’t officially get underway.

206yds of lace weight yarn
260yds of lace weight yarn

So I had to return the books that had been getting all my attention to actually get done much needed things.

Mother Dear made me feel bad saying Emeraude should have been finished. I had to explain to her that although it’s been on the needles since May 12th, I’ve only picked it up to knit on it 14 days now. Considering it’s size and it being my first cardigan for myself, its progress in that length of time (actual knitting time) I didn’t think was bad.

Of course that made me pick it up with a new determined effort. Who knows maybe I can finish it before mid-August.

V o n n a


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