Forgot to mention

I’ve mentioned enough about the past few weeks to give an indication of my recent setbacks. June was rough. June hurt. June took me prisoner and showed no mercy. It could not past fast enough for me.

But, during such various difficulties these past few weeks two surprising and heartwarming things occured. I won 2 seperate contest that was going on in the 12 in 12 months group on Ravelry. In each I got to choose several patterns up to a certain amount. 

One contest prize was meant to be yarn but, I’m not one willing to give my address to non-businesses online. The prize giver was kind enough to do patterns instead.

Here’s what I got:

By Hanna Maciejewska
By Sara Stevens
By Joji Locatelli
By Joji Locatelli
By Meiju K-P
By Veera Valimaki

It’s going to be a wonderful year to come next year.

V o n n a


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