I think I might have a problem

I enjoy receiving packages. I enjoy (even though I know it’s coming) the thrill of opening the package and seeing what’s inside. This year has been way more of that than I’m use to and I really need to slow down a bit. But I can’t say I’m displeased with my “gifts”.

While working on Emeraude


I noticed a snagging issue when it came to sliding the yarn over the swivel portion of the cable. It wasn’t horribly bad but, I could easily see myself becoming annoyed in future with it. It had already been quite a while since I purchased the needles and extra 60″ cables that I feared I couldn’t get a replacement cable. But I contacted Sue from Great Yarn Company and she handled things beautifully.

I just got the replacement cable and unlike the original it came with lifeline holes. Because they are phasing out the old cables (the one I had) they said I could keep it and do what I wanted with it. Which was nice and unexpected.

Added bonus today was a custom order I asked to be made early last month. Marilyn and Ken from Silly Salmon Designs are awesome! I had attempted two custom orders prior but, ended up finding other things in their shop that I loved (Penny & Flaming Elder).


Finally I went ahead with a custom bowl and a reserved in shop spindle until everything was ready. It arrived in pristine condition.


Ken did an excellent job implementing what I wanted in a spindle bowl. Pricing was very reasonable and shipping could only have been improved if it had been over nighted.

I finally took a proper shot of my finished Morning Dew shawl.


Everything is going relatively well. I had a minor needle injury


which I felt would heal best if I put knitting aside for a bit.

So I spun to occupy my hands.


I was going to wait until all of Deep Blue Seas was complete before plying but, I’m rethinking that. Unwinding my spindles have been a bit problematic.

Wasted yarn

I’ve lost quite a bit. No doubt around 100yds of yarn. But I’m trying to tell myself it’s a learning curve thing. If I lose anymore from tangles I might cry. I tried to save it but, I could so easily see myself never getting it untangled and having it constantly break apart and not at all be worth the effort. So I threw a huge chunk away already.

This is what I’ve been up to the past few days.

V o n n a


5 thoughts on “I think I might have a problem

    1. Thank you. I’m comforting myself by remembering a few things. 1. I’ve only been spinning for a year and eight months. I know ones who have been spinning for years who still have “wasted” singles and such. 2. It’s a learning curve. I’m hoping by the time the orange, yellow, purple, and redish-pink fiber is ready to prep for plying I’d have learned to minimize the waste.

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    2. My colors are from food coloring experimentation I’ve done that hightens my desire to see the end results thus propelling my endeavors to spin.

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