More to share and then back to task

The other half to my previous post is that I’ve had a lot going on. I’ve been ill all June. Breathing problems being one of the main concerns among many.

As a result although my knitting has still been productive it’s decreased a bit in speed that was noticable for me but, perhaps not to others. I was approved to be a late test knitter for Kate. I came across her Morning Dew shawl while on instagram and was so intrigued by the beaded border that I wanted to see how it was constructed.


She knew I had other things ahead of her deadline and still Ok’d me testing. During which time I took about 12 days to complete. Now minus 4 days of not actually knitting and days when I could only do a half to two full rows of knitting at a time it was really about a week worth of knitting.


I tried to take a better picture but, didn’t like the results so until then this is the best I can give. I am pleased. I used about 532yds of the 880yds I had in stash.
She was pleased with me as a tester and that’s always a plus.

Now earlier this month Color Coded incurred some significant damage. Enough to where I had to ship it back to the maker. Long story short my experience wasn’t an overall pleasant one and I won’t be purchasing from said individual in future.

I did as an exchange acquire what I’ve dubbed Honey Bee.


Moving on.

I had an accident that resulted in me very aggressively hitting a wall with my face, arms, & hands. As a result I have bruising and poor range of motion. I’d show pictures but; won’t.

I borrowed a couple of books from my local library.







So far the Jane Austen knits book seems really cool and I’d definitely love to purchase that in future. Knitting the novel I’ve read twice before but, it’s been a while and so as things go sometimes your taste change and I was curious to see if I’d still like it.

Decided to frog and repurpose the Howth Could You socks into something else. But as it is the only thing on the needles is my Emeraude cardigan.


Stay tuned…

V o n n a


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