Discuss amongst self

There’s always something to be discussed. Quite frankly the best conversations I’ve ever had has been done in my own head. There’s much I could share but, being one who doesn’t like definitive statements when circumstances can so easily change often keeps quiet until outcomes become gurantee.


I made a purchase from Joann’s online and didn’t exactly mean to. That’ll teach me to play a little to fast and loose with my cart. As it happened, I purchased several different types of beads. The beautiful representations of the aurora borealis. I can’t recall what they were actually named but every time I look at them that’s what comes to mind.

I loved the color but the actual beads although many came out super tiny. They looked to be about size 10 beads. I didn’t think they could be used. But there was so many of them so I tried.


Quite small but O so pretty. And they fit! Which was good because I’d also purchased some sky blue beads of like size.


Here they are mixed with the remainder of the aurora borealis beads. Thankfully I also purchased some in a size I know I can use.


But the reason for my accidental purchase was these


The picture does not do them justice. They are a shell type textured and color button. I think they will go great with my cardigan. More updates to discuss later.

V o n n a


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