New endeavors

I decided to do a brief update today instead of throwing strong all at once. This way I’ll have something to discuss when other things pan out. First up:

Grain of Salt – done


It has been blocked and is just waiting to go to the recipient. The only modifications I made to this pattern was going down a needle size and I used two colors instead of one. I am very pleased with the outcome and size.  It’s longer than my wingspan and this would make a perfect shawl for me. This one is intended for a baby as heirloom shawl/blanket thing. Although the parents hoped to have the name stitched into the item I opted not to. This way any child they have can use it and since said child has yet to arrive name changing is most likely pre-signing of the birth certificate.

My cardigan is progressing beautifully. After only 10 days of knitting on it…


I’m due to move on to the pattern section but since I was approved to be a late test knitter I felt that was more pressing.

I’m testing Morning Dew by Kateryna (Kate) Golovanova


It’s a beautiful pattern and I’ve only worked on it two days and I’ve already completed two pattern repeats. It’s surprisingly fast to knit considering the amount of lace and beads involved.

Using Knit Picks Shadow Tonal (discontinued)
After day one (3hrs) of knitting

Doesn’t look like much but I think it’ll come out wonderfully.

More to discuss later.

V o n n a


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