Two steps forward…

One step back. Grain of Salt has progressed beautifully. Into the gold, into the border, and almost finished except. I noticed last night when I got so far off in stitches I couldn’t discern whether I was on row 9, 11, or 13 that it was taking a turn for the worse in my attempts to have it finished after having only knit it for 2 actual weeks.

I started the 10th of May and as you guys are aware it’s been largely cast aside for Emeraude. I put Emeraude down on the 24th-25th and thus picked Grain of Salt back up.

To add worse injury. When going to put it down I realized my spine detailing on the border was weird. Apparently right at the start of the border I did something funky and now I have to rip back majority of the border and start it again. Needless to say it’s in a two day time out. (Here’s where I’d insert a picture but, I haven’t documented my shame yet.)



It’s further than this but this is the last progress shot I’ve taken.

Fearful that having messed up the babies shawl/blanket, I worried I’d mess up my other knitting. Including my Howth Could You gift socks.


The recipient has no idea I’m making them but, she’s recently given indication of being knit – worthy so we’ll see.

I think I may have burnt myself out a bit with all the endless knitting to an extreme excess so I decided the best way to not mess anything up further is to


That’s a bit harder to mess up. I however did manage to mess that up a bit and had to butterfly off Penny and Flaming Elder and rewind around their cops onto the shafts because they weren’t tight enough and started sliding off. How you can lose a cop while spinning on a support I don’t know. That’s just indicative of where I’m at so far craft – wise this week’s beginning.






It’s so pretty I just can’t settle on a decision on how I want to ply. And a great deal of it is very thin.

In doing this on several spindles I learned a few things.
Tipsy Elle
Reliable Beauty
And Purple Turk are from now on going to be plying spindles unless making thicker than my normal yarns.

Flaming Elder
Color Coded
And Penny all my supports spindles will be my spinning spindles.

O, after a month of hyperactivity I’m sick. June is so far shaping up to be a pain in the backside.

V o n n a


2 thoughts on “Two steps forward…

    1. I know! I kept saying it several rows back that I was mindlessly knitting and would stop to figure out where I was only to find stopping threw me off track. You’d think I’d have stopped then. Mindlessly knitting while doing charts with eyelets is really not the way to go.


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