“Bionic” Knitting

I’ve been throughly enjoying my knitting so much I’ve sat aside Penny & Flaming Elder to do more of it. I’ve been consumed with progressing, with perfecting my tension, with fixing mistakes.

Grain of Salt?


I’m surprisingly still on the first cake. This Capretta seems to go far. I definitely see myself purchasing more in future.

I’ve been faced with the overwhelming fact that apparently test knitting agrees with me. Why do I say so. Well because I started this and a 4X sized cardigan two days apart and is been less than a month for both and


It’s folded so hard to tell but, I’ve done 3 out of 8 cakes of the grey and just attached some blue during which I finally seperated the sleeves. I was going to do the 5X but even the 4X is quite big. It should be nice and roomy just as I hoped.  And if too big I can make a sash to cinch in the waist.



Slow but progressive.

V o n n a


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