Too many interruptions for actual growth

I’ve recently started two projects.

Grain of Salt

For a pregnant friends future offspring. She picked the colors and approved the pattern. In swatching for this and the other project.


I noticed that my latest way of holding/tensioning my yarn has resulted in some wonderfully beautiful stitches. Ones that are even and look almost professionally or machine made.

I devised a plan that as a result of not only knitting well but, also at an unusually quick pace, I would knit them both a day apart and after reaching certain milestones on each.

For instance, Grain of Salt has about 6 charts and some have to be worked a few times. I cast it on May 10th and reached the second chart. May 12th I cast on Emeraude (my cardigan). It takes quite a number of rows to reach the arm separation so I figures I’d do half required for my size and then switch back to the baby’s shawl/blanket.

Unfortunately, life got in the way. I’ve had to run several errands, doctors appointments, unexpected trips has resulted in my having knit on my cardigan for the past four days having yet to reach the arm seperation point.

Having a house guest who wants to do everything you do under hand and foot has resulted in increased frustration, tension nightmares, & not making much progress on anything.


I am way behind and I think if I continue my tension is going to get worse and worse as a result. I am officially putting it down for today.

V o n n a


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