The Product

I use to think being a product over a process knitter was less than in some ways. Often times it’s presented in a type that secretly seems to indicate that those of us who do it for the product weren’t “true” knitters. We didn’t glorify in the journey or the actual knitting process and so we were barely a step above a clothing factory.  I’ve since learned better and with it I’ve started enjoying aspects of knitting that is often one or the other and rarely both.

Case in point — I am a product knitter. I want a beautifully crafted item to wear, share, give, and accessories my style and choice of dress. In being such a knitter I’ve learned to fix my mistakes, read my knitting, try techniques and items beyond what my skill set is “supposed” to be. I’ve learned to adapt and adjust and regroup when things don’t work out to plan. I’ve become a process knitter that finds the greatest satisfaction in a finished item not just mere knitting itself.

This had opened the way for me to try new styles and unconventional ways of knitting also. When I first began I was a typical English style knitter. However the need/desire to knit longer periods of time with more efficient progression rates with lowered strain on my hands and wrist caused me to learn continental knitting. Not being able to purl like most I learned the Norwegian purl. My tension being uneven has lead to various trials and test tension holding to find the best fit, feel, and results. Just recently I learned how to use my thumb to purl and I now wrap my yarn both in knitting and in purling the same.  (Around my wrist around either my thumb (for purl stitches) or pointer finger (for knit stitches).

As a result of learning all these different techniques and using what is most comfortable for me results in being equipped to take on colorwork using both hands and speed and efficiency based off whether I’m knitting flat or in the round. Conquering these so-called difficulties has helped me brave trying other things. Sewing for one. Which is a big deal. I can’t sew to save my life yet I made a fully functional project bag that’s not half bad.

I’ve in addition learned to be bold in ways I was afraid to be before.  (color combinations, clothing styles and sharing my passions with others.)

Yes I’m a product knitter but, as a result I’m so much more.

Volando by MozieMade on Ravelry

V o n n a


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