“That is so cool!”

It’s been rough. I’ve been ill (breathing, allergy, & misc issues abound). Today started rough (Internet provider issues galore). Mother Dear had an eye doctor check up this afternoon and so that’s when things began picking up. Conversation was free flowing and hilarious and as per usual nothing is better than people who understand your sarcastic dry humor.

One thing lead to another and I started conversing with majority of the patients and people who entered while I waited. A few of which turned out to be a mother with her 3 children (twin girls & a son). The girls could not have been more than 8-9 and their brother about 9-10.

The smaller of one of the twin girls happens to see I’m knitting on something.

Further than this but forgot to take picture for blog post.

She exclaimed excitedly, “Woo, that’s so cool!” With all the fangirl squilly exuberance you can envision. Thus proceeds to attempt to get the attention of her other two siblings. The brother noticed first and he reiterates what she said followed by which the attention of the other twins attention and excitement. They demand mom’s attention with pokes, tugging, and points and she agrees with said cool acceptance factor.

It was such an awesome feeling and I’ve never had such a reaction while knitting in public. I couldn’t pass up an enabling opportunity. I forthwith proceeded to teach them all (the 3 kids) how to knit (they took turns on my sock) I gave them encouraging advice (messed up? Rip and redo) & I showed what that could eventually lead to with practice.

Volando - test-knit by MozieMade on Ravelry

Afterwards I showed some of my projects on Ravelry.com and explained YouTube was a great learning tool. The young boy revealed is grandmother knitted and made things like sleeveless vest with a hood. I explained boys knit too and can even make their own yarn and dye it. With pictures as proof

It was such an awesome experience for me and I hope for them as well. After that wonderful time we went dollar store gem hunting. Few things I purchased


The dog brush was used to test out my rolag making skills.


And the washi like tape to do a bit of diy.

Phone stand and speaker all in one.

How’d the rolag spin you may wonder?

Used support spindle as a sampler

I’d say beautifully. Almost forgot. Look what I made last night

First official project bag

V o n n a


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