Change of plans

How do you use your Ravelry? The creators have done such an amazing job at making it customizable that you can use your standard notebook anyway you desire. Let’s go through some prompts.



In general I use this for current wips and finished projects. I use to delete those I’ve frogged but I’ve since realized those sometimes are good to keep. I’ve started taking better notes on my individual projects page so it helps me to document notes in addition to when and why things went awry. I also use tags and tabs generously. I label according to year and item type (e.g. socks, shawls, cardigans)



For me I use my queue page for projects I’d like to make/buy to make later. They are ordered based off what I’d envision working on next. Also there are as many notes as I can think of. I put in yarn/stash type, ideal cast on year, recipient, needle choice, premods, and in the case of library required books — title and page number of pattern.



I use this in regards to projects, patterns, and notes I admire, find inspiring or would like to remember. This includes designers.



Of course we store our valuables here. Patterns, books, kits, and magazines we’ve acquired. I use sets liberally (e.g. shawls, socks etc.)

I realized today however like we all do what I say I’ll knit I don’t get to fast enough but continue to add to the list. I’ve decided to restructure my game plan. Between ready queued items and frogged but not yet reknit (although I have the yarn) I have 18-20 items all ready to be knit.

I’ve decided to knit these items (ideally before the year is over) before I purchase another skein. Up next, socks.


V o n n a


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