At least I can still knit

The downside to test knitting is that you can’t/aren’t suppose to share what you are working on until either it’s published or the designer gives the OK.

I have been knitting but I’ve been test knitting. One is done and I’m doing another of the same pattern in a different yarn because I ran into so many problems comprehending how straightforward it was only the change to a bigger weight yarn made it doable for me.

This yarn minus this pattern

When it did click the pattern flew of the needles. After which the designer and I both agreed it would be nice to see it in my original yarn choice.


So I’m working on it.

I also offered to test knit for a instagram[er] who was designing but didn’t plan to publish. My interest got her to change her mind and to use me first!


That one is a fingerless mitts pattern that is beautifully simplistic. I looked forward to sharing.

Then I’m in the process of trying to get approved for a cardigan test knit since I decided to put my personal viajante on hold until I found enough of my ideal color choice.

In the meantime I will be using this


For whatever cardigan I do decide on. Whether the test knit or


We’ll see.

I’ve been ill. Lots of sore throat and low energy abounds. At least I can still knit.


This helps also.

V o n n a


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