2015 Cyber Monday ahead of schedule

I started thinking about my recent purchases. And I realized fiber related ones have been 4 in the past two months. Some books and singular patterns in February and yarn and needles in March and then my latest acquisition which arrived 2-3 hrs ago.


It’s from aaronmakesstuff on etsy and instagram. He makes the most beautiful and high quality spinning related tools. His style is contingent on his latest interest and right now he’s enamored with color pencils.

Always wanting a support spindle I frequently looked at his shop updates. When this one came in I immediately wanted it. Mother Dear felt I had shopped enough and I should wait. And logically I couldn’t convince her that his stuff went fast and you weren’t guaranteed another like it later on. I was not happy and feared someone else would get it first.

Some other online non-fiber-related was done and I jumped at the chance to purchase this as well. I worried about shipping. Would it break in transit? Would arrive at a reasonable time? I personally don’t handle online shopping calmly. I become neroutic and fixated on the tracking updates.

Today it came and I made myself do house chores before I could play with it. Of course this was after making sure it arrived undamaged.

Finally I was able to test it out.


I picked it up a lot quicker than I thought I would. Pre watching support spindle videos sure came in handy.


This is more of the same spindle project and my hope is that if I spin majority of it at one time I’ll be finished pre ply before no time.

Besides it’s fun.

V o n n a


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