I’ve over the past few months had a desire to test knit. Unfortunately, never having done it before I ran into the endless delimma of needing prior experience to test but can’t gain said experience until I do. Finally a very nice designer took pity,

Howth by Yvonne McSwiney


I’ve also been participating in another test knit that you’ll find out more about once published. I now have experience!

Viajante 2.0 a.k.a Celestial/Mulberry Ash is hibernating. I have decided to repurpose the yarn into

More on that to come.

Spinning I’d spinning. Slow but steady progress.



I take from the majority bits at a time that sits in a bag with the spindles I’m using. Every time I have to “reload” from the bigger supply I feel as if I’ve accomplished a great milestone. The goal is to keep meeting the little ones until one day I dig in the bigger bag and find none left. Then it’s plying time!

V o n n a


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