I tried to wait

I wanted to be like other bloggers and have this really cool post on the date I first blogged. This year will be the 7th year anniversary. But, a lot has happened that can’t be made to wait.

Mulberry Ash has been renamed C e l e s t i a l to reflect the color difference.


But before that happened a few other things occurred.



I realized making my own viajante wider and more shoulder accommodating meant more yarn used quickly so it required more yarn overall. So with a $10 off coupon and a sale I did this.


So I could have this.


I ordered Thursday and got my order Friday all without choosing expedient shipping! Crazy right?



Stroll Tonal in Pond was on sale. You’ll see this again soon for I have a gift in mind.


Capretta in Harbor was on sale (I think) and it’s meant to go with the Capretta I have in Turmeric.


Alpaca Cloud in Wonderland Heather it is the softest thing I’ve ever felt.


Alpaca Cloud in Smoke Heather


Alpaca Cloud in Midnight Heather.

All ordered to see which I wanted to use for a cardigan. I look forward to playing with those.

V o n n a


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