I can explain

M u l b e r r y. A s h
M u l b e r r y. A s h

I couldn’t resist. And I’m on a 3 month deadline. And I’m adding another 231yds (2,310yds total). Please allow me to live in my delusional insanity until there are 25 days left in the deadline. That will be June 28th by the way.

I figure by that time I can either give up and sit in a corner while crying hysterically and rocking back and forth wielding a pair of US7’s. Or I can be putting a heat compression on my hands to combat the swollen stiffness of the tendinitis as tears of triumph stream freely causing me to murmur in a deranged fashion, “never again”. Either way crying and acknowledgement of insanity will insue.


It called me. This is totally not my fault. I have some Galileo I’ve been itching to use but, I want a bit more yardage  than I have. So I’m going to attempt to spin 300yds of sport – weight yarn to go with the 2 skeins of Nebula and the 2 skeins of Lunar. We’ll see.

I purchased 3 new patterns today. This is a huge deal. One: I don’t buy patterns often. Its an expense I rarely can afford. However, I’ve had these three on the list for a bit and I had funds that would have gone to a magazine subscription that didn’t pan out set aside so I spent some of it. Tin Can Knits is having a BOGO sale. I bought


and got



Or vice versa.

I also purchased


I look forward to working on all of these.

In the meantime I do believe I’ve fallen off the wagon. Or is it on the wagon? 《Having a Seinfeld moment》


V o n n a


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