You know how some people are compulsive liars? Or compulsive gamblers? Cheaters? Or the like? Notice how compulsion seems to be linked with negative character traits?

I have a dear associate/friend who is a compulsive giver. She would host/have yard sales at least once a year. During which you’d often leave with a backseat or trunk load of things for about  $2-$5. You felt as if you were committing highway-robbery. Happen to see her wearing jewelry you just adore and can’t stop fawning over? No worries. She’ll take it right off her neck and slip it into your bag without a moments hesitation.

Now, if you’re think the stuff is cheap or not of value you’d be wrong. Most of her jewelry is handmade and designed by her son and it looks like the majority of the popular stuff you find today worth a shiny penny or three. She wouldn’t even bat an eyelash over spreading the love and care. Over just giving.

I’ve often struggled with this. Like many of us the more we value, cherish, or enjoy the item the harder it is to let go. I’ve made conscious efforts to let go over the years. When I’ve encountered prime opportunities to give and every inclination urged me not to, I did so just to spite myself. I’ve spoken of my desire to make more things for myself this year. I’ve also spoke of the labor of love Viajante was for me. In addition, I’ve guestimated the amount of time and therefore its over all worth. A bit over $2,000 USD.

I inwardly and vocally proclaimed I would love it, I would wear it, and no one could get me to part with it. And then this happened…




That’s Mother Dear by the way not me. It fits her perfectly. And all I can say is


it’s a compulsion.

V o n n a


4 thoughts on “Compulsive

      1. Haha I’ve been thinking I might hide yarn. She came and looked in my bins the other day and says, “You got an awful lot of yarn.”

        Had to quickly nip that thought in the bud. Nope most is predetermined for certain projects. Only the acrylics and the cotton is just hanging around. That’s because I don’t particularly like and/or use them much anymore.

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