I’ve reached that point

I’ve had a hard time settling on one thing. For starters: I have been pattern designing (sorta). My current version of such an endeavor consist of my sketching and trying to figure out if such a thing is even doable plus where and how to begin to implement it.

Karmen and the twins spent the weekend and after making officially clear that Karmen has out grown her cardigan and going through some tears that she was losing something I made specifically for her, she decided on her own to give Kori the cardigan. But, this of course was after agreeing to make her anything she wanted to replace it. She tried to get me to agree to make her a Viajante! What is with everyone and this pattern? It’s gorgeous but, what makes people think that I’m going to invest this much time into making one for them? At most I’ve been offered for the person to purchase the yarn for it. The yarn!!! What about my time and effort?! No, just no.

Then Karmen has the nerve to say it’s cheaper for me to make it. I had to correct and readjust such a thoughts for her very quickly. After, at minimum purchasing the yarn— assuming I’m not spinning it myself— then you want me to invest the time and effort and my constantly less than stellar hands (tendinitis for 12 years now) for you!!!! Are you all insane? No, just no.

I also made clear that she doesn’t show the proper respect and appreciation for the projects I’ve made for her thus far. I also, explained for her that my attempts thus far of making this a year of selfish knitting is failing miserably. I’ve already gifted, made, or have currently on the needles projects for three different people. I don’t mind making things for others but, considering I’m the knitter I’d really like my wardrobe to reflect that fact which it will never do if I can’t make something for myself.

2015-02-12 23.39.50

I decided to make myself some fingerless gloves. I’m on my third attempt of the first one. Initially I put the red after the black and that I didn’t like so I then started with the Palette but, it’s the only one without nylon in it’s content so I worried that having that on the fattest part of my arm made me worried that it would stretch out to quickly. So I restarted with the black, eliminated the red all together and you’ll get to see how I’ll do the rest of the color sequence later.

I’m trying to resist the temptation to cast on Dragon Scale by Denise Plourde but, I really, really want to badly.


2 thoughts on “I’ve reached that point

  1. So irritating to have people ask you to knit them something and that they will furnish the yarn, acting like they’re doing YOU a favor. I had someone admire a tank top that I knitting and tell me she’d pay me $30 bucks. I smiled and declined and didn’t even mention that $30.00 wouldn’t even buy the yarn. Now, if someone askes how much I’d charge to make them something, I just jokingly say “You couldn’t afford it” and laugh like I get “their” joke. Works.every.time.😄


    1. I really need to work on mastering the No! My sister who throughout my learning to make presentable things belittled and ridiculed but now says not only can I make her things but I have all the supplies already (yarn included) just laying around. Why not, make her something she wants, takes yarn, and I can just spin some more if there’s not enough. I was floored by that one. My aunt had to quickly put her in her place before I could. Making clear it isn’t free, cheap, or quick and neither is my time.


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