That’s it; it’s the air

The past few weeks have been surreal. Here’s why: I’ve had an energy surplus within which I knocked out a significant amount of the remaining yardage of Viajante. Spinning had dramatically increased. I had spun more in January than I did when I first picked what to spin and started the leader and cop on my chosen spindles. Then, two Wednesdays ago a few things went awry.

First, I stabbed/jabbed myself in the finger with my epipen after which blood, numbness, pain-like I would imagine natural childbirth coming out of your thumb would feel like-and bruising ensued.

Second, my energy level began to resemble more the thing the energizer bunny out lasts than the energizer bunny himself. I was sleeping so much I did good if I was awake 4 consecutive hours.

Third, as a result of the low energy little was getting done. And although I reached the bind-off portion a good week ago. I played yarn chicken and lost therefore having to rip back both the cast off and the last row prior (one stitch at a time) in the lace section.

Now, the reason I say somethings in the air because what I’ve been dealing with I’ve read from the blogs of other knitters that they’ve had similar incidents themselves the past three weeks. It’s contagious apparently and proximity and geographical location makes no nevermind.

I got books from the library and ordered a few of the ones I really enjoyed (with yarn for another Viajante) from Knit Picks. That’s a condensed version of what the photos are from the previous entry.



Done. Yet to be blocked or the ends woven in. That’s for another day. Let’s just bask in the glow of it being officially off the needles.

Numb thumb out!

V o n n a


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