My year of color

Firstly: You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for the likes, the follows and the encouragement. Between this blog and my poetry one I can’t keep up with the notifications. I really appreciate knowing people are reading what I write.

What I’ve noticed

I can’t say that I don’t like color because that’s not true but, I admit to NOT being color daring. Usually I will use one color in my project or a yarn that does the color changing for me but, I already can see that this year of projects will be different. Already beginning that note of change is of course Viajante. Having almost finished it my whole idea of how I should have done the colors (without choosing different ones) has changed. However, I’m realistic, if I rip this back to fix it I will not be going back to this project, pattern, or yarn for a great long while. That just won’t do because I have plans for all three. I have a driving urge to make another Viajante right away. (I know crazy right?)

I also have noticed that my project plans and my color preps for such projects are a lot more daring than I would have picked a year ago. And I’m excited about it. Viajante is in it’s final stages. I have one cake of Turmeric (gold) I’m currently working on the last skein of Shoal (green) for the border. I might have to interchange them because I’m completely out of the Gosling (beige/grey). Take a look at the colors for the year:


Sorry for the blurring picture. I will retake it later but, for now, you get the idea.


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