Must be the batteries

I’ve felt like the energizer bunny as of late. I’ve been tackling numerous of interest and projects. From writing, to pictures, to knitting, and spinning and reading. I don’t know where this time management and productivity has stemmed from but, I hope I can keep it up.

V i a j a n t e

2015-01-23 21.11.18

You may notice the increase of size. Just to clarify—last time it was at Shoal (green) stripe number four. Now I am nearly finished. I have what’s left of the Shoal which I’m trying to hold off on using for the border. And I have a skein left of Gosling (the beige/grey color) and A small portion and an entire skein/cake of Turmeric (the gold). Mother Dear told my aunt about what I was currently working on because she has started knitting a bit this month. (She took a class at JoAnn’s and plans to make hats for charity). Somehow during the discussion they BOTH decided they wanted me to make them each one. Uhh…no.

Viajante has been on the needles since July 2014 and OK I admit that there was a two month hiatus from it where the color was more than I could commit to, but honestly even without the break it’s taken me a minimum of about 5 months or so. That’s of course assuming I finish before the end of February this year. I really want to beef up my knitting wardrobe. I have a habit of making things for myself and giving them away to others. Either they admire them while I’m knitting it or they admire it when I wear it and I end up giving it away. Which means with all the 88 projects listed on my ravelry notebook page only 10 are mine. Four aren’t even wearable. Two are missing. The others equate to 1 hat, 1 earwarmer/scarf, 1 unfished wrap (viajante), 1 kerchief, 2 pairs of socks. The six wearable pieces have been done within the last 2 ½ years.

I knit but, you wouldn’t be able to tell because I never wear any of the things I knit and when I do someone manages to claim it. I would really like to spend this year building up a knitting wardrobe (wearable) that I get to keep AND wear for myself. I MIGHT make one for Mother Dear but, I haven’t decided yet.

S p i n n i n g

Has been going well. I am still working on Deep Blue Seas. This has been semi-active (I’ve taken mini hiatus breaks) since October 2014. It’s about 6oz give or take a few grams ( I think) and I plan to make it as fine a weight as possible.

2015-01-27 01.50.17

I initially was blending the blues, greens, and purples together into a fauxlag before spinning however my interest in this quickly dwindled. In addition I found that I like one hue more than the others at the moment. I decided to keep the colors separate and blend it with it self then spin on both Tipsy Elle (bottom whorl spindle) and the purple Turkish spindle. I will then ply all the colors together and see how it comes out. Right now, the purple Turk is being used for the lighter hues and Tipsy Elle is being used for the darker tones. Switching back and for between each after completing a fauxlag makes me feel as if I’m actually accomplishing something. As a result I’m noticing a nice little build up of the single ply on each spindle.

I’m not so delusional to think that I’ll get done any time soon because it’s quite a lot of fiber but, I am enjoying the process now which is half the battle. And a state better than I was when I started.


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