Must be something in the air

It’s been about a week. A week in which Viajante hasn’t been touched. Don’t worry I’m not sick of it nor have I changed my mind about finishing it. But, one disruption led to another distraction which led to this:


This has been dyed months ago (March-June 2014) and according to my handspun projects page has been on the go since October 2014. I started it as part of the October spin challenge in the Spinners ravelry group. It was an aquatic theme hence, Deep Blue Seas was the aptly named spinning endeavor. Initially I had taken fiber from each color braid and blended it my usual way but, after making just a few fauxlags to wet my appetite its been months since and I hadn’t even scratched the surface of approx. 6ozs worth of fiber.

In the space of putting Viajante down, knitting a swatch that still isn’t deemed worthy of a project page and casting on a scarf for Kyron my spinning went from occasionally to every free hand moment I could find. Add to which, Karmen working on her own spinning project asked me to make fauxlags out of hers so she could stop tangling it I needed to add more for my own.

But I’m pulling out these ziploc encased braids I recalled how gorgeously vibrant the colors are separately. Hence instead of blending them I’ve decided to make fauxlags and spin them one at a time instead of blending them.


I am beyond pleased with this. The deep blue by itself is so gorgeous I want to make more that color. In the meantime, I am spinning and enjoying every moment of it.

What’s Karmen working on you may wonder?

Her Knitpicks spindle she named Victorious
What her fiber was looking like
After I fixed it and made fauxlags

The spindle wasn’t the best and I wouldn’t buy it again but she loved it so I gave it to her. To fix the fact that it didn’t spin correctly I added tape to the whirl to make it snug when flush against the arms. It spins so much better.

V o n n a


2 thoughts on “Must be something in the air

    1. Haha. I’ll tell her you approve. She’s been bugging me for when we’ll put on the color wood primer but I haven’t bought it yet.

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