Been here before

In more ways than one I feel like we’ve already had this conversation. For starters, just as in times past soon after me making the statement I would focus more on knitting for my own wardrobe enhancement, that plan as in past had been thwarted.

We’ve had times in the past few months where we didn’t have many visits from my nieces and nephews. Which allowed me to devote more of my time to myself. But, this week and the last one they have gradually been making request to visit. Last week Karmen who is now 9-years-old stopped for a weekend visit.  This weekend the twins Kori (the girl) and Kaedance (the boy) who are now 3yrs old put in a request. When we arrived for the pick up their big brother Kyron (13yrs old) also decided to come. Then a few hours later Karmen calls for a pick up for herself and Kameran (also 13yrs old).

Before they arrived I discovered Kyron wearing a scarf I made Kori two years ago. Not only was it too small for his constantly growing frame but, it also was the worst for wear. (I’ll spare you the picture) I had chosen a yarn that really wasn’t suitable for a 1-year-old or–their ever destructive of knitted items–mother. So for my reputation and namesake of a ever advancing crafter I just could not allow my nephew to keep wearing that and telling people I had made such a felted and horrible mess.

In which springs,


It’s the Seedy Scarf by Michele Wang
It’s a pretty straight forward pattern. Instead of the cast on stitch amount given; I cast on 50sts. I worry that its too wide but, honestly I’m in love with it. I’ve been trying to take back my promise that I was making it for Kyron but he won’t let me.

I must be feeling color daring this year because this scarf will have three. Unfortunately its been cutting into my knitting into Viajante time. It might have to be set aside. He just might not get this until next year.

But O is it so enjoyable to see develop.


I do believe my picture taking is getting better.

V o n n a


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