I enjoy making list. At times I feel like one of those whimsically anal retentive people. Why whimsical? I’ll explain. Even though I make countless numbers of list, notes, mark-ups in my planner of things to do or to be done in near future more than half of such ambitious endeavors never happen. In other words I can be fickle. I feel completely justifiable in this fickle half of my nature because the other half more than compensates. It’s full of a perfectionist mentality with a side stickler attitude i.e. I can be stubborn.  Now I’ve mentioned before I’m like a dog with a bone when I make up my mind and only my own persuasion otherwise can alter that. Which rarely occurs. The upside to this is serious commitments aren’t taken lightly or hastily. I’ve been told I take too long to make decisions. Which stems from both my capricious nature as well as my perfectionist mentality.

Why does this matter?

I say such a mouth full to say in short; I enjoy making list. Even though I put my plans for this year in my sidebar I don’t believe I’ve talked about it. My theme for this year is all about me. I want to make several things that I can wear, use, and enjoy for myself this year. Now, of course I will still make or gift the occasional item to others but they are not my focus like they usually are.

The List
Being what it is I decided to do a page seperate but linked to from this post of the list. See anything you find interesting or have made yourself?  I’d love to know.

V o n n a


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