French Vanilla Cappucinno


I’ve been knitting and spinning. More so knitting but, I’ve been so pleased with the fact even if it’s just a row or two I’ve been putting a serious dent in Viajante. Recently I finished the third and final skein of Gosling (grey). I’d show pictures, but I haven’t taken any new ones since the idea I had to play with the color sequence a bit. Soon.

In the meantime, I found a Dollar Tree store down the street from me and was able to get several nice but inexpensive items. Three of which was these cool travel mugs. I bought Mother Dear one in red and couldn’t decide between blue and purple so purchased both for myself. We were in desperate need of travel mugs because for some odd reason all the tops to our old ones went missing. Or freakishly weirder we had tops but no mugs to match. Apparently they all ran away together in protest when we moved here.

I once again changed ideas about the hat gift. This time I changed yarns as well.  I chose a unlabeled cake of RHSS in purple and barley by Tin Can Knits
I am currently swatching.


I guess purples the color of today.

V o n n a


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