Updating as it goes

Hey guys, I did receive your emails (or rather emails letting me know you liked and followed.) I want to say thank you here for your interest in my often manic ramblings. I try to check out everyone’s blogs and either like something or comment but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming and it’s easier to do so here. Please don’t take this to mean I’m not grateful for the support from you.

What’s percolating?
Viajante is booming. I had to put it aside/down because apparently someone forgot to tell my hands they have limits. I woke up yesterday to my right one feeling really tight. It didn’t help that first chance I could I jumped back into knitting on Viajante. It’s been hard for me to put it down. Have you evert felt like some times are better for you to knit/create certain things than others? That’s how I’ve been feeling. Why couldn’t I have been this enmeshed in knitting Viajante when I started it? I think I could have been finished by now if I had.

I decided on a color sequence that may make or break this thing. But you know what? I’m not even afraid nor do I care. I’m committing; all in. I’ll be the one wearing it, I’m the one making it. If you don’t like it, tough!



There is so much of this to do but, I’m at least picking it up from time to time. Before it was not at all. Slow progress is still progress.

V o n n a


6 thoughts on “Updating as it goes

      1. Photographing fibers it a challenge. Lighting is very important. Showing the textures and colors needs light. Moving a portable light around until you like what you see and then photographing to object. Many point and shoot cameras are excellent and can do a terrific job.


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