4,000 stitches and counting.

Over three hundred stitches, two increases per row, twelve rounds, and two travel mug size doses of coffee equates to well over 4,000 stitches. Mother Dear believes the only reason I’m knitting so fast is because of the coffee. I’d like to believe I’ve finally hit my stride. Whatever the reason productivity is the end result.

I have a surprise.


I was watching some podcast (knitting related) last night and someone was working on Viajante. And theirs looked a bit askew. I don’t know if it was the yarn or the stitches but, I sorta felt bad that mines looks perfectly normal. Also with having finished last years socks and having relatively nothing else on the needles (swatches don’t count). I felt like I was letting myself down. Add to that Mother Dear made the comment the other day that now all I had left to finish project-wise from last year was Viajante I was starting to be aggrieved. So, I went to my ravelry project page and looked at not only my own Viajante but, the pattern page and a few others project pictures. No mine is not one color. But, that makes it unique. The colors are a bold choice true, but that makes it daring and innovative.

In my notes on my project page, I wrote that I would be due diligent in regards to Viajante for the next month. If after which, I find I still can’t get past the disparaging remarks about its colors then I would frog it. However, as soon as I picked it up I was enamored. I already privately knew anyway that if I dedicated that much effort, time, and energy into increasing it’s size for a month it was highly unlikely that I would willingly frog it afterwhich. So…I’m going to finish it.

Side note: I’ve been spinning at random intervals. Pictures and things will come later.


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