I’ve forgotten so much

I was retracing my steps on what all I had last discussed in the way of tools and things. I realized I’ve forgotten to mention some stuff.

F I R S T L Y:
Back in October I decided to order a new spindle. I had a Turkish spindle I loved and I had a top whorl spindle I loved as well. But I was curious to try a bottom whorl. I first researched and looked to see how best to use it. In general most spinning videos show how to use a leader when getting the fiber attached to begin spinning the fiber. I personally don’t like doing this. For one, you have to cut the bit that’s attached to the leader once finished. I feel that’s a waste. So I’ve always preferred to start without one. I know how to do this on a top whorl and a Turkish spindle but did not on a bottom whorl, so I had to learn that.

Once that was accomplished I ordered. I went with the Fiber Artist Supply Co like I did for my first one.


I love it. The fiber is a bit further along (I’ll show an updated picture when I discuss that project).

S E C O N D L Y:
A friend of mine recently lost her brother. One thing I enjoy doing is making things for friends and family not solely because it’s needed but, in an attempt to cheer them up, bring them comfort, let them know they are cared for and being thought about. I’ve made socks, hats, blankets, scarves, and the like. This friends favorite color is purple. The only suitable purple I have is my Galileo Nebula yarn. 


So I decided on a hat. I in general try to use nicer yarns when I make gifts unless it’s more fesable to use acrylics (i.e. blankets, items for those with allergies, or find acrylic easier to care for.)

I attempted Spinster by Valére Miller  but honestly for me the chart was a mess. I would love to make it but I think it needs to be fixed. I’ve been meaning to email the designer but haven’t as of yet.


So I have decided to do Longwood Sport Lace and Cable hat published by Cascade Yarns designed by Robin Raver.


Still working on the swatch for that.

T H I R D L Y:
I finally completed a seventh month long project.


P r o je c t: S t r e a m . B e d – k i s s
D i f f i c u l t y: medium due to the cuff.
N e e d l e s: 2 – 2.25 US2 47″ done magic loop one sock on each needle at the same time.
M o d s: did the cuff with a 3×1 rib. I knit through the back loop on the Knits and finished with JSSBO. I am pleased with the outcome.

V o n n a


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