Goals and adjustments

When I wrote the Journey page on this blog in it I listed future goals of things I’d eventually like to tackle. I’m not one for new years resolution making. But I was reading a blog and they had set a goal for this year that I realized I had unintentionally accomplished in 2014.

When viewing my ravelry project page I was greatly discouraged by the dramatic decrease in productivity that it displayed. For instance, in 2014 I only completed 5 projects! What was I doing all year? Yeah OK, I picked up spinning and dyeing my own yarn but still. In comparison in 2013 I completed 26 projects. I know right?! I did complete 6 spinning projects in 2014 but it still doesn’t seem to compare.

Yeah there’s no comparison. I definitely dropped the ball in 2014. But, I did do cables and in so doing I realized why I might have dropped the ball so badly. I didn’t feel challenged last year. Every since I started making socks for example, I’ve done a basic vanilla sock. No design what so ever. But frankly that’s become rather boring.

My goals when it comes to choosing projects this year is to pick ones that challenge me enough to keep my interest engaged. I’m going to try not to stress about quantity but, I can’t make any guarantees.


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