I have no words

Sometimes, I get into my own head and it becomes difficult to come out of it again. In reality that admission alone should be put on a deeper blog. At the very least my poetry blog–but not here. However, I say it to give some sort of explanation as to my absence. I have nothing more.

Onward and upward
I finished something. Shocking I know… Meet Enchanted Vines by Aroha Knits


I used a size 9 US Hiyahiya needle. I believe with a 32″ cord. Towards the decreases it got a bit difficult but was doable. I made it using Red Heart Super Saver in the colorway Grey Heather. The pattern called for worsted but RHSS is considered aran weight. This was my first time doing both cables and bobbles. Both of which was a learning curve but, an enjoyable one. I have found I need challenging projects at the moment or my attention doesn’t settle very long. The hat was started a month ago but, I put it aside way more than necessary.  In reality it could have taken just a day to complete.

On a happy note: I’ve already picked out my next project. Ever heard of the Spinster Slouch hat by Valére Miller?


Photo is © Valére Miller used only to show you what I’m making. Remember that purple yarn I showed you a while ago? I’ll be using that. I’ll discuss more about it once the swatch is underway.

V o n n a


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