Knitting; I Fell For You

Knitting; I Fell For You


I truly don’t know if the font I chose will transfer across the different websites and platforms that inevitably this article will end up. But it gives the impression of writing to the man that I love.

I fell in love with knitting during my first curious glance. During which point my crocheting capabilities were becoming more proficient. Yet, I was able to discern my childhood crush from the real deal the moment knitting caught my gaze. It’s elegance, sophistication, complexity, and it’s shear polished (for lack of a better term) look enthralled me. I knew then knitting and I would become more than just fast friends. The beginning–as most love affairs are–was sloppy. I rushed heart and hands first into things I wasn’t truly prepared for.

On the upside, in so doing, I found that for me trying difficult techniques and new stitches was a matter of enough interest rather than necessarily skill. Which in my view helped the relationship advance much further than my “relationship” (crush really) with crochet. But, as we all know through the trials my love was forged in flame.


The greater the ups the more driven I was to overcome the downs, the lack of finesse. In 2008 of August I started a fling with knitting.  Knowing full well where we were headed. It’s in my blood–as they say. I can’t fathom never doing it again.. It has opened to me greater opportunities of personal accomplishments than I could have ever envisioned. But….that letter, is for another day.

V o n n a
Copyrighted December 10, 2014


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