Seconds, thirds, fourths

Thanks guys for sticking with me. I haven’t checked  my  WordPress emails yet but, I do want to acknowledge  I’ve received them and say thanks for the likes and the follows. My post have been non-existent  because so have my projects and progress. I’ve been preoccupied with other things. But, I found myself jonesin for a knitting fix. I immediately recognized my hesitation came from a desire to complete present projects and start something new equally. Frankly, I’ve had nothing but hesitations in regards to my Viajante (the shawl wrap, poncho combo). A few months back when I itched to start the project I thought my color choice was brilliant, daring, innovative, and a great color enhancer for my wardrobe.

Then I did something that perhaps a less prideful more cautious and secure knitter would not have done. I showed willingly, eagerly my WIP to a relative who was not aware of my hobby. They immediately associated my color choice with the Green Bay Packers color scheme. Its not. But…, now that the idea has been introduced in my head every time I think of it, that’s all that comes to mind. I don’t like it. I feel I should have chose one color instead of three. I’ve  debating on ripping it back and repurposing the yarn to three seperate projects at a later endetermined date.

Hence the desire to scrap the board and start something afresh. New project, new hopes, new goals, maybe a bit more challenging. But I also didn’t want to be hastey in my decision, especially after all the times I’ve  already ripped back trying to make it perfect. But I have to acknowledge  the truth about me. I don’t do well with repeats. Usually if I have to rip back it takes the wind out of my sail. Not so much in defeat but, rather due to feeling bored having to repeat a step I’ve  done one too many times before.

I wonder if I chose more challenging projects would I still feel the same?

In the meantime…

Blue, red, or purple? Which color should I dive into next?

V o n n a


8 thoughts on “Seconds, thirds, fourths

  1. All! If I had to choose, I’d go with purple. I hate it when something a person says totally makes me second guess myself. My newest mantra is “If I like it, then it’s perfect”.


    1. I know!! And yet it has. I keep trying to get past it but, the doubts still linger. Ugh, to think I spent so much time trying to find the perfect secondary colors to go with the yarn I already had… I might just put it aside until I can make a definitive decision.


      1. Taking a break from what’s bugging me seems to always help me see things with new eyes. I know that “sleeping on it” has pulled me away from the brink of some really poor knitting decisions, though I have frogged entire projects because of a mistake that would be invisible to anyone but me.


      2. Even a few hours delay can prevent that sinking feeling I get when I realize that I’ve undone hours of knitting in a 30 second fit of frustration. I try to never frog after 9 p.m. ; ). Really.


      3. Sage advice. 11pm or so at night I have on a whim. And regretted it a bit for not giving it more time to fix the mistake. And such a little one it was at the END of the project. I was working on the border. Stitch count got off by one or two. Could have easily tinked back. I frogged!


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