The Dilemma I’ve had

There has been a lot on my mind in the way of my current knitting projects and my projects page on  A few years ago, my Yahoo! account was compromised and instead of try to repair it I decided to go ahead and delete the account. Not realizing, it was linked to a Flickr account I hadn’t  used in ages. It took until earlier this year to  finally get those pictures & account closed. As a result it deleted some of my project pictures that I had taken long enough  ago  that  I did not have a backup. I’ve been trying to think of ways I could retake  the pictures but majority  of the items were either gifted or with four moves misplaced/lost. But this in addition caused me to look at the other pictures of my projects. They definitely leave a lot to be desired and don’t always display my creations in the best light. I thought about retaking pictures of the items I do have  but it’s honestly not enough to fix the overall of the page.

I am first going to attempt to fix the pictures that are already up. As for the now missing pictures, I’m going to create a stock image/avatar for those.

As for my actual knitting. It’s been at a pace I’ve been comfortable with until I realize I haven’t completed anything in a few months. Then I feel bad. It’s moving, just at a glacial speed. There a days even a whole week at times that go by before I have the urge to knit something. I haven’t fallen out of love nor have I lost my mojo.  Just that’s the way things are at the moment.



2 thoughts on “The Dilemma I’ve had

    1. I agree. I have definitely noticed I am doing a lot more of the other things I enjoy. I have even gotten back to writing poetry again. Even my reading has increased.


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