Progress is rewarding

A few days ago I ended up in the ER having breathing problems. I have asthma so, they were understandably just as concerned as I was. I ended up getting a breathing treatment, which surprisingly made me feel worse rather than better. Turned out I had a virus/cold. The doctor expected it to last about 2 weeks or so and prescribed a decongestant and something else to help that I can’t think of off the top of my head. Plenty of rest and liquids being the order of the day before sending me home. As a result I’ve done little else but, take meds and sleep.

I’m actually getting better sooner than I expected I would. I’ve had odd days where I’ve either slept all day or not slept at all. On days where I haven’t slept I’ve done my best (around the migraines that is) to put myself to use and I discovered something interesting about my productivity ability. If I switch between knitting and spinning every half hour or so I seem to make greater progress than if I sit for several hours working on one thing. Why is that I do not have a clue but, it works for me.

As a result:

20140902_031813_1 I’ve been working on this beauty. I know you think this is new fiber it’s not. I took a nice chunk of the remaining amount of grey toned merino that was felted and over dyed it using blue and purple food coloring. Then, –because I don’t have a drum carder, hand carder, or a blending board — I used a wide tooth comb to align the fibers and detangle. I then did my usual method of pulling the fibers apart and over lapping them to get the colors to blend. After which I used one of the dowels that make up part of my niddy noddy and rolled and drafted the fibers. Which resulted in this beautiful after math.


2014-08-23 16.19.16Viajante is coming along but, I’d like to move along a bit faster. My goals this month is to get all of the grey fiber completely finished. Including plying, washing, and dried. I also want to have my Stream Bed’s Kiss socks completely finished. They’ve been on the needles too long.


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